We offer

Orientation Session


We organize orientation sessions for our students, prior to their formal classes. This ice breaking session develops a good teacher-student rapport. Moreover, this also helps the teachers to assess their students understanding level.


Virtual Classes


We have designed a teacher-student ratio of 1:4 for each online session. This ensures that each student is given adequate time and equal opportunity for Q&As.


Customised Learning Plan


To ensure high grades of our enrolled students we provide customized learning plans according to their individual learning need. We have designed the teaching curriculum that falls into 2 sessions per week up-to 3 sessions per week depending upon the course requirement.

Certified Teachers


Our teachers are experts in their respective fields. They engage students through active learning that comprises deep learning higher-order thinking skills such as application of knowledge and analysis.


Feedback & Assessments

Teachers take regular feedback from students at the end of a session and incorporate it in the following sessions. The primary goal of the teacher is to provide an engaging environment to students for deeper learning. We conduct regular assessments of each student to solidify the understanding of concepts taught by the teachers.


Flexible Schedules

If our students are juggling with busy school routines we offer flexible time slots to accommodate in their suitable time slot.