Dr. Uzair Alam


“Hi I am a Chemistry teacher and my teaching philosophy is very simple “Making Science a fun subject for you”. I did my BS Chemistry from FCCU, Lahore and MPhil from BZU. I am also a Chinese language pro and can teach you Kung Fu Chemistry too”

Dr. Rabia Raza


“I am a scientist, and my research domain is interface of Biology and Chemistry. I did my PhD from BZU, Multan and post-doctorate from Peking University, China. In addition to the love for Science, my passion is to travel around the world and enjoy different cultures.”

Syed Mohammad Shah


“Hi! My name is Syed Mohammad Shah and I’m a Barrister-at-Law based and practicing in Peshawar! I love reading novels, listening to music and fine dining!”

Zara Mohsin


“Hello, I’m Zara. On cloudy days, I look for the silver lining; I like to keep one foot out of my comfort zone and I am always up for a new adventure”

Asif Ali


“Hi I’m Asif Ali, I am masters in English Literature and TEFL from Australian Institute of Commerce and Language (Sydney). I enjoy reading books and novels and play snooker. Teaching is my passion.”

Maria Khan


“Hi, I am Maria Khan (ACCA member), an accountant by the day, digital creator by the end of the day. I love to travel, go trekking, hiking and explore new places, who says accountants cannot be fun.”

Yusra Alvi


“Hi, This is Yusra Alvi, hold Masters in English Linguistics from University of Karachi. Also, I have an experience of 9 years in the discipline of education. For me, teaching is an art and I love to impart knowledge to my students, making it easier for them to learn and reflect upon.”

Iftikhar Hussain


“Hello, This is iftikhar Hussain having specialisation in the field of electronic(physics) currently working as IBDP and Al level physics teacher. For me provoking curiosity and concept based learning is the true goal of teaching, I love to work with young minds as they have bright ideas and inclined thoughts. Pertaining to nature every individual has his own learning style which should be respected and dealt differently.”

Muhammad Qasim


“Hi, I am Muhammad Qasim, an Entrepreneur and a teacher as well. I did my Masters in Economics, MBA in Human Resource Management and MPhil in Staff Retention. I love to read and write Geopolitical issue.”



“Hi, I’m Tayyab. I’m a graduate from NUST H-12 and I teach Chemistry and Physics. I’m an incredibly passionate person when it comes to healthy extra curricular activities such as soccer, martial arts and cricket.”

Arslan Anis


Hi, I am Arslan Anis. I have done MS Physics from COMSATS University Islamabad. I teach Mathematics and Physics to high school students.
I enjoy studying complex side of physics like Quantum physics. I have also published a research article in this field. Other than that I love to play every major sports like Basketball, Cricket and Football.

Rabia Raza


“Hi! I am Rabia Raza, a graduate from UOK and I teach English language, Life skills and Global perspectives. I am currently doing TEFL(Cambridge based). I possess a vast array of hobbies including sports, photography, travelling, exploring cultures and videography.”

Ahsan Naseem


“Hi I’m Ahsan, and I love to play games. Been into gaming since I was 6 years old. Fan of DC comics. Cricket runs in my blood, playing since I was a kid. I teach, I learn and I respect.”

Shoaib Ahmed Ghani (SAG)

“If chemistry is not getting bond with you , let me help you out , this Shoaib Ahmed Ghani (SAG) chemistry teacher, for me chemistry is not a subject to memorize but a subject to understand and practice.”

Rafay Ahmed

Rafay Ahmed

“Hello, I’m Rafay Ahmed and I have done my MS from COMSATS University Islamabad. I am a lecturer. I teach physics and mathematics. I enjoy watching tv series, cricket and football. I am planning to start my PhD this year.”

Mirza Kamaal

“Hey! My name’s Kamaal and I teach math and physics. Here to add some organisation to your mathematical chaos and help you score nice grades so you can show off and get into a good university.
Besides that I’m a YouTuber with a rapidly growing fan base now over 10,000 and besides physics and math, I love football and old school rap music.”